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that make profit

Find out how can we help you to increase profits

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1. Analyzing and getting data

We will precisely analyze your requirements and offer best solutions.


2. Negotiating price

Need to design and build a website, ecommerce shop or maybe Andoid/iOS app? Our price will surprise you!


3. Presentation and improvements

Showing and improving mockups, created by our designers.


4. Coding

The most important process. Our programmers don't sleep at nights, to meet the deadlines.


5. Ads and seo set up

Development is finished. It's time to get some customers.

Using amp technology

We use AMP for the fastest page loading time, also this technology affects seo ranking and site conversion. You might saw a lighting near websites name when searching google with your phone - this is AMP
You can check it using this link go to this website and see how fast they are.

amp example
A/B testing texts and headers
📌 Autochanging content based on user request
📧 Autochanging contacts based on user region
📈 A/B testing text and headers and choosing conversion one
📱 Setting up tools that will find you customer in social networks

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We increase number of clients coming to your business by 1.5 times in the first month

Google ads

📊Building big semantic core, using our service http://yakluchnik.ru

📑Writing conversion ads

⚙Setting up UTM - tracking and retargeting

📈Google analytics - seting up goals, events and sales funnel

📏We use Google Display Network and A/B testing

📞Call-Tracking - switching phone numbers

📌Setting up crm

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Fb and Instagram ads

📌 Creating unique design and corporate identity of account

📌 Writing a sales script

📌 Setting up autosales funnel

📌 Using special services for finding target audience and targeting

📌 Setting up target ads

📌 Precicely testing and filtering target audience

📌 Warming up audience with saling posts about your product

📌 Increasing audience engagement with cometitions and Giveaway

📌 Placing ads only in trusted groups and communities

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The website is ready
Now it's time to think about marketing.Do you want to know how we can help you to increase profits?💰

Узнайте как мы можем помочь вам увеличить прибыль

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We invite you to our company's office. There we can discuss business with you.

Пожалуйста напишите ваше имя или название компании.

Пожалуйста, укажите ваш номер телефона.

Например, продвижение существуюшего сайта или создание интернет магазина.

Ожидаемый бюджет поможет соотнести ваши ожидания и найти подходящие варианты


Мы отвечаем в течении 24 часов, если конечно мы не остались без связи на необитаемом острове посреди тихого океана :-)

telefon ikona 10:00 to 22:00
adresa ikona Digital shark 1512 Madison Ave, Cambridge, MD, 21613
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